Who I am..

My name is Rachel, I am a graphic designer with a great deal of design and production work under my belt. I also am a writer. During my school career, I took advantage of the opportunities I had to do freelance and intern/externship work. Now, I am connected to a rock star and a popular TV producer/host. I do many things for bands and band management companies. I have also worked in sign shops and learned production with plotters and large format printers. The Roland has been called my baby. I know it and love it!

I am extremely interested in pursuing nutrition for fitness and wellness. I would like to learn and grow from others in and out of the field of health and wellness and nutrition and fitness. Currently, I am starting my own research and assistance website so that I may help you achieve your fitness/nutrition/health/wellness goals! I am passionate about getting the word out on truth about health and wellness. Sharing the Paleo/Primal/Low-carb template is what I do, and hope to get it out there to all!

My education includes an AAS in Graphic Design and Multimedia as well as a BA in Psychology. I also have an MA in Teaching and Education. My grade point average is 4.00 and I graduated with my BA and MA Summa Cum Laude! I am now getting a BS in Health and Wellness. In my studies, I have achieved a Golden Key International Honor Society membership, a nomination for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and more!

Hopefully, I will be able to combine all of my studies to create my own body-mind health and wellness/fitness and nutrition program for all, and help grow the grass-roots health and wellness movement toward real foods!


In my freetime I enjoy writing. Here is an sample from my book Eye's Of Light

Dream Sequence: Copyright Rachel Flowers 2013.

That night, Jarna’s sleep was restless. He dreamt of a dreary fog sweeping over the land, bringing with it a feeling of despair and anguish to all existence. In his dreams, Jarna saw the Szyrrsan Scrolls opening up one by one, predicting doom and destruction across the entire land. As each scroll opened, it unveiled a different, sorrowful scene. Jarna tossed and turned as each scene was played out. The fog would not disappear. In every scene, it kept him from seeing a full picture. A scroll would appear, open up, and fade into the fog as Jarna’s dreaming mind tossed at images of deadly earth-shakes, floods, and crumbling mountains. He saw villages being destroyed, the villagers being sucked into the ground as if something was ripping the land from its core and taking everything down into its dark, hungry pits. There were images of all creatures, large and small, being brutally ripped apart by unseen forces. He could see their faces for brief seconds. The faces were all contorted in pain. He saw blood, bones, and entrails strewn across valleys. The images never lasted but seconds, yet they were horrifying. The fog would sweep across the valleys of his dreams, taking away some images only to replace them with more scrolls and other images. He saw the faces of mothers as they lost their children. He witnessed lovers being torn from one another, crying and in pain, as they were mutilated and sucked up into the depths of the land. In one image that lasted longer than any others, Jarna saw an entire village burst into flames as the villagers tried to flee from the destruction. This was the last scene Jarna would dream of before he awoke. It was devastating. As he stirred in his fitful sleep, the last image flashed through his mind. This was the image of his mother crying as everything around her crumbled and burned. She was looking down at where their garden had been. In her hand was a crimson blade that emitted a bright, white light all around her. Jarna tried to see what his mother was looking at, but all he could see was a cloaked arm sticking out from a burning whole in the ground. A thunderous crash brought Jarna suddenly awake, screaming as he opened his eyes and sat up. He was sweating and tears were falling from his eyes. One word echoed through his sleepy mind…PAPA! He looked around the dark sleeping chamber he had been sharing with his father, figuring out that it was a storm with violent winds and air booms that had brought him out of his terrible dreams. Then, Jarna started to cry, as he realized whom the arm in that last image had belonged to. Another crash came as Jarna lay back down in his bed, weeping. It was his father’s arm. In his dreams, Jarna realized, his father had been swallowed up by the evil that overtook the land. It was his father that Jarna’s mother was looking at as she raised the crimson blade, and mourned.